Appmarket Space - How-to.
How to use apps listed on

Steps to start.

TL;TR: Video.

Watch a short video or check the text:

How-To; Explaination:

1. Retrieve your API by subscribing to our PLANS

2. Go on our App Page: Start Here you will see your API Key

Retrieve the App

3. Use the App in the Plattform

Klick Add to my inventory. Then you have the App in your inventory
Now have fun 😄 But what

4. Skip to your app

Press on the right top bar "Skip"
You will not find the App here!
You need to press on the right top bar "Skip"
Type the Appname in here.

5. Auth use your API Key

Insert your API Key of step two. Have doge fun.

Support & Having question about

Yes, join our automation Slack Channel


How does Appmarket.Space calculates usage and how does it apply?
Everything is execution based. Depending on your Plan you have several executions per month.
What is one execution? For example this is one execution of an App:
One Execution
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